Typical Application

of Precision Alignment



Power Generation



  • Vertical and horizontal turbine shafts

  • Reactor coolant pumps

  • Critical hangers

  • Reactor vessels and internals

  • Bearing pockets

  • Compressor camshafts

  • High pressure turbine shells

Machine Tooling



  • Evaluation of existing machinery

  • Precise setting of new machine tools

  • Evaluation and alignment of jigs and fixtures


Experimental Physics


  • Particle beam accelator alignment



Paper Mills/Printing Operations



  • Roll alignment

  • Shaft and bearing alingment

  • drive system analysis


Aluminum, Steel and Copper Mills


  • Roll alignment

  • Rotating Equipment

Marine Applications



  • Propeller shaft orientation
  • Engine mount position
  • Non-gravity alignment while water borne

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